Sunday, November 4, 2007

To all my friends

And I never thought I'd feel this wayAnd as far as I'm concernedI'm glad I got the chance to sayThat I do believe I love you
And if I should ever go awayWell, then close your eyes and try to feelThe way we do todayAnd then if you can remember
Keep smilin', keep shinin'Knowin' you can always count on me, for sureThat's what friends are forFor good times and bad timesI'll be on your side forever moreThat's what friends are for
Well, you came and opened meAnd now there's so much more I seeAnd so by the way I thank you
Whoa, and then for the times when we're apartWell, then close your eyes and knowThese words are comin' from my heartAnd then if you can remember, oh
Keep smiling, keep shiningKnowing you can always count on me, for sureThat's what friends are forIn good times, in bad timesI'll be on your side forever moreOh, that's what friends are for
Whoa... oh... oh... keep smilin', keep shinin'Knowin' you can always count on me, for sureThat's what friends are forFor good times and bad timesI'll be on your side forever moreThat's what friends are for
Keep smilin', keep shinin'Knowin' you can always count on me, oh, for sure'Cause I tell you that's what friends are forFor good times and for bad timesI'll be on your side forever moreThat's what friends are for (That's what friends are for)
On me, for sureThat's what friends are forKeep smilin', keep shinin'

Friday, June 29, 2007

So happy together

Hay grabe for today sem, eventhough we're attending only twice a week still nafe-feel mo na mahirap. Pero okay lang I felt excited every meetings naman kase I'm excited to see my classmates, to mingle with them and xpmre mawawala ba ang chika-chika diba? hehe. Sometimes nakakabore ang ilang subjects pero still okay parin, ewan ko lang kung ganito parin ang pakiramdam pag nag start na kame ng thesis. Once you started to chat with ABMC4 with asaran effect, parang ayaw mo ng umuwi. haha. Masaya ang pangyayari ngayon, i needed to make sulit this year kase hopefully this will be my last year in school ever. After15 years schooling finally i'll be stepping in another level of my life. I'm aware naman na this happy moments i experiencing today will be my saddest moment in the future, although i still believe that it could inspire me as well and remind how important friends in life. life is incomplete without friends surrounds you. I am glad because the word "incomplete" never crossed into my mind, i never felt that i'm incomplete and alone because i have friends who always there for me. How grateful I am to gained not just friends but REAL friends, in college life,high-school life, childhood life, in our neighbors, my best friends pa,e yung mga ka chena ko pa? haha I'm so thankful. sometimes I wonder why I always feel complete since i know it's not that complete at all, kase loveless pa ako wahaha. Kulang lang siguro yung word na "boyfriend" however i feel loved by the others naman. therefore what more pa if i'll be open again in relationship? Pero I admired those people who is/are? haha waiting for me. Slowly but surely dapat haha. thankful ulit ako kase di kayo nag sasawa saken. keep it up. I enjoyed last night friends. next time hard na sige haha. buti walang hang-over, next time ulit pag nakompleto tayo..get together ulet. sana mag reunion na tayo. miss you all. see you tom fren thank you for making me happy lage.. I feel special whenever you're there..Brat ka diyan! haha am i? di ahhh. Nag enjoy din ako sa pusit super yummy! love it! hay wen kaya ako ulet sisipaging magshare haha! love you all friends!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

our colloquium

As I opened my eyes this morning, there were many things that came from my mind. Who are the possible guests for our senior colloquium? Most of the guests we invited were back out. So what will happen? Therefore there still hope as long as there is a time right? For the whole morning as I ate my breakfast I’m still bothered. Indeed I went to school hoping that I can still look for guest speaker. During in school, my other group mates didn’t attended our class for the reason of looking other guests, their guests back out for the last minute so they hurried looking for the substitute one. But fortunately we found available students who we think were appropriated in our topic. Our topics were Fashion, music and entertainment. I brought music compact disc which related to our topic, unfortunately we just have mini DVD that I think cannot be heard by the whole class. However the colloquium was successfully done by the helped of our guest speakers and our host of course. By the way other topics were joined with us like about sports and business. Furthermore I’ve learned many things about them (speakers). What to wear in different seasons. Tips on what clothes will match with you whether you’re chubby or thin, footwear and many more. I’ve leaned also how to be successful entertainer neither in music nor in theater, the important is you’re enjoying in what you do. Lastly you should learn to sacrifice something before gain something as reward.

third colloquium

Blood blood blood I hate seeing bloods from any kind of injection or even the injection.. Its needle was the scariest thing from me. That is my weakness that‘s why until now I’m still afraid for my medical consultation for my OJT, Ever since I was a kid I never experience any injection aside bakuna. But during the bakuna I remember that I was so nervous and I wanted to run away the moment I saw the needle of the injection. I was shaking that time. Until now I think it will happen again if ever. Hay. Anyway we attended the Colloquium which talks about the work of medical technology. I just listened to the speaker without learning something; I mean I was not interested that’s why. Moreover one of my classmates asked something about the medical process regarding OJT I started to listen attentively. The speaker told the purpose of those test why they needed to have like this and like that. I was imagining myself during the discussion on what facial reaction would I be throughout the check up. Gosh can’t imagine so hard. We’ve learned many things about their profession, in the end my classmates became active and interested in the topic, and they ceaselessly raising their hands throughout the time. Furthermore, I enjoyed listening in the topic I gained something.

how can we be unique

What is the difference between presence and existing? I’ve learned in our colloquium that man has responsibility to make essence. Our mission is not only to exist in this world but on how to create our own essence. Live life without essence is like living with a dead body. Sometimes we must know our purpose in this world and for sure God created us not just to be a decoration but has a purpose. Sometimes I’m thinking for my purpose why I exist but I believed because I’m in demand by the people I loved haha. It’s better if people will recognize you and will remember you forever. The way you associate them, touch their lives, and makes
them happy the way you treat them as a person, eventually you inserted you presence in their heart. Others might loved to be called Unique but it’s not that easy as to say, I mean how can you live differ from the others right? You might call them unique but the question is, in what way? Is it because your really good or unacceptable bad? So sometimes it’s better to be sensitive in others feeling to avoid misunderstanding. Life is so broad, actually it’s not easy to explain even it was just composed by four letters. So make worth of it by injecting your essence as a human being.

first colloquium

As a mass comm. Students we are part in the field of newspaper. We know that newspaper is one way of media to inform people. But we cannot call the newspaper a newspaper without news and without an article. We can say that newspaper is excellent if the news or article is excellent right? Consequently the credibility of the newspaper is not on the name but depends on what kind of news or article included in it. Hence how can we create a good article if we can’t write whatever we want to write? I mean how we can write if we only have limitation. How can we say the justice if that justice can destroy others? But it’s our responsibility to write and reveal the truth. So how can we handle such problems? In the real world someday we will achieve all those, but this time as a student how can we write an article without limitation?

One of the speakers in the seminar I attended saying that in her situation, it was really disappointing in her part being the editor-in-chief because it was really pressured and tiring to be in that position. She kept writing news and articles but then all of the sudden “pinapaulit lang daw “because of some minor offense in her writings. What she did she lost the mood in doing her best in writing because her effort came into trash and wasted.

Another factor that newspaper or college paper must have was having an interesting topic. But people want extra ordinary news before they will read one article. Nevertheless living in this situation no freedom of speech is hard to make an interesting topic. For this reason people might use those college paper/newspaper as their fan whenever they feel blistering especially now it’s already summer.

However in the end it’s still our task to work it out, to make the article fantastic and so on. It is really a challenged in our profession.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Labsyah choy

The name choy came from the teleserye Marimar starring Thalia. The first day choy was arrived in our house I was happy because at that age it was a pleasure for me to have dog. Choy was an extra ordinary dog. He has a white and pinkish hair, his nose is color pink and he has a curly tail, in short he looks like a pig. I remember one day our neighbor used to call him “babe” (the movies which characterized by a pig). Everybody loves choy ever since he adopted by us. I can say he was a celebrity because he was so popular. In our street or even my high school friends, relatives etc knows him, I think because of his being “mayabang” or being unique. People we’re afraid to him especially kids because he was mabangis but it was in the right place. He was our protector nobody can go inside our house as easy as they can because they knew Choy was there. However they still loved choy I don’t know. They always asking where’s choy? How is he? Or sometimes they were going to feed him. When choy was puppy he was my playmate I was young at that time. I can’t forget when he bitten my ears, I was so nervous he might have rabbis during that time. I planned to keep it secret but after a while I confessed it to my mother. My mother got mad and observed choy. Hay luckily he has no rabbis. However it didn’t caused any trauma I used to play with him still. Choy knows to play ball like American dogs. Hahagis ko lang yung ball then hahabulin niya at ibabalik niya sa akin. Sometimes pasaway he didn’t want to bring back the ball gusto niya habulin muna siya. One thing I like about him he was like a brother, it’s true when I’m sad he will come in front of me and waiving his tail para bang nagpapapansin. Well it was effective kase mapupunta na sa kanya attention ko. During at night whenever I went down for CR nakasalubong siya parate. I felt relaxed whenever he do that. Every time I left alone in our house I couldn’t feel any danger because I know he was there. I felt safe. Choy knows how to feel ashamed every time na natatae siya lumalabas pa siya. He knows when he commited sin example we’re not all in house then when we got home we saw there is pooh pooh I don’t know how to explain parang makikita mo na nahihiya siya at kagad siyang lalabas. I kept shouting him everytime I saw his pooh pooh. I hate seeing pooh pooh. He knows pag nasesermon siya then later on nakakakonsensiya kapag napalo mo siya. Basta it seems like I or should I say we, treat him as a member of our family. The good thing of choy he was home lover. He always guiding our home, he knows his responsibility. Funny thing about Choy was he knows how to eat bubble gum, yes as in chewing gum haha. He eats corn beats, gumugulutuk pa hahaha. He was so funny. Sometime ha was papansin especially when I have visitors or whoever he wanted to hear his name many times kaya nagpapasaway siya. That’s why I think everybody knows him. I remember during the Crusada he sited in front of the altar during in middle of the prayer. It was hard to get mad at him that time because there were many people and was having prayer so what I did I just ignore him. Alam mo yon yung wala kang magawa? Hay that was funny and unforgettable moments with him. Choy was lived with us for 13 years and sadly he passed away this week.

Monday, February 26, 2007

one day preparation

What should I wear? What appropriated questions that I should ask? How will I speak in front of them? I’m nervous, but excited.

Those sentiments were my emotions during the campaigned of TEAM UNITY in convention center in San Fernando Pampanga on February 21.

After planning everything, on what I wear until on what attitude should I act in front of them, I went to school so early to fix something regarding on my stand up reporting. I was very excited to think that I will interview those people who are running for senator. In thinking that single moment, hello! that was exposure in my part. It was a big achievement for my self to interview those people who have name in society. We required choosing one from the candidates to interview and I chose Vicente Soto as my interviewee. I prepared my questions I tried to imagine myself how to talk to him. While waiting for our departure we heard voices from students, they were shouting outside, so my classmates and I wondered what’s happening we went outside. We saw some candidates like Cesar Montano who were in school, and I realized that was the reason why students kept shouting (kumikilig voice pa). I felt more excited but nervous at the same time. Indeed time was up for preparation, we needed to go in convention center. While were in bus were so quiet living in our own world thinking what will happen in convention center. However when were there already it was unexpected that it was overcrowded, we can’t go inside because there were many supporters in there, until the director of osafa decided to go back in school. On the other hand our adviser didn’t allow us to go back without doing anything. We still went inside despite of those many people. Luckily we were got inside easier than those other supporters whose stay outside. Security guards prioritized students to get inside, especially us we have mission in that event. Sadly we didn’t have chance to conduct interview due of lacking time. The event was already started. We just listened to their platforms. Time was up again we needed to go back in school. Were quite disappointed for the efforts we made but then nothing happened but still were glad because were given a chance to witness their platforms.

Before I ended the day, my friends and I ate together in McDonald for giving ourselves a reward. hehehe

so what?

Some people misunderstood the capabilities of those artist or actor who are running for senator. People thought that they’re running because they are popular. They believed that through their popularity they can convince people to vote them and win according on their desire position. Most of the people say negative towards them. As I heard those bad thoughts I wondered why people kept misjudging them. Is it because we have trauma on what happened on the past? We’ve learned that actors were only excellent only in front of camera and doing nothing when there were in position? Actually it has a point. People were afraid to happen again those bad experiences by voting those people because of their popularity. One good example in this situation was our former president Joseph Estrada even people knew that he was under graduated and uneducated, people still vote him because he was popular. He won as our president, but still he can’t make it. People strongly agreed to impeach him for corruption. He arrested and until now he was in jail. The late Fernando Poe ran as president versus PGMA. But GMA was the one who won, months later Fernando died due of heart attack. And until now every time there were actors who running for position, there were avoidable bad statements towards them.

On the other hand, looking it in positive view, not all actors or artist received such bad feedbacks. Vilma Santos received compliments from the people she handled. People love her and according in television people will support her every time she will run. Tito Soto was former senator he is running again for the same position this year’s election. Though there’s a bit issue in sudden joined in administrative from opposition. But during delivering his platform in convention center he cleared out that he don’t want fight against PGMA anymore, he prefer to have peace and join in her group as member of the Team unity. Cesar Montana questioned also his capabilities but still I heard some good comments for him unlike other artist who’s running in this year’s election.

In my case, it is sad for them to be misjudged, but I can’t blame people to say bad comments on them, in the first place we’ve been through bad experiences. Nevertheless we shouldn’t closed our minds for them, we should give them chance, in the end it is still our own decision weather we vote them or not. We have our own bet. I believed the most important is we have the same goal and that goal is to improve our country.

Best friend or a lover?

Everyone has someone in their life that’s willing to lend an ear, someone who is always there through their ups and downs, someone who can their trust most and knew even their hidden secrets, and someone they used to live in their everyday life.

What if this someone starting to fall in love with them?

Majority of the people who has best friend was experiencing this kind of situation, fallen in love with their best friend. In some movies, whether it was Filipino or foreign movie, the story was ended in fallen in love with each other, otherwise it was depressing ending.
People kept having best friend but there were instances that they can’t avoid regarding to their feelings. Sometimes even in one group or what they called “barkada” happen this matter. They were happy to feel in love even sometimes there were moments that they were afraid in accepting the fact that they were in love, it shouldn’t be good at all in having unusual feeling toward their best friend. Nevertheless they remain strong in supporting their feelings and in absorbing gradually the hidden love in their heart. However some people experiencing worst thing in falling in love. Some people saying that “it’s hard to fall for your best friend and hide it at the same time” this sentiment proved that they’re willing to sacrifice to be silent and handled it alone. It can be possibly because they’re afraid to lose the friendship. They might think that their best friend will evade them if they knew their real feelings. On the other hand they still in love, and what they experiencing is natural feeling it is acceptable because it happens in reality. In fact most of the successful relationship was started as friends. It‘s easy for them to accommodate each other because they already knew their indifferences and similarities. It is natural cause to develop with their best friend. They said that being affected and felt jealous was the signal that they started in falling in love though others defend that it can be jealous friend. I t has a point but to think it deeply the root of that jealous was simply the meaning of love and that love can be develop and can turn it into real love. Jealousy is the word that can poison the mind, it can kill the heart and mind of a person. Even how hard they hide they’re feelings and how many times they’ll deny that they’re not in jealous, it can still revealed toward their actions. On the other hand, there are people prefer to chose being a best friend rather than a lover. At least in best friend there are no breaks and cool off unlike in lovers. They treasure most the friendship and chose to feel free. They ignored their feelings and tried to move on, sadly but that’s life. But not all are agree in that. There are still people who believe and hoping to express their feelings as much as possible. They believe in happy endings. Moreover they were best friend and it is possible for them to have the same feeling.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my angels

I believed angels are only found in heaven. But now associating with many people, I realized that angels can be found here, in this mortal world. When I was a kid I described angels who have two white wings, almost naked and has circle (I forgot the word for that) above their head. However I realized now that there are angels who have the same image with me, normal human being. I never noticed in the first impression but later on through my darkest and lonely days they started to shine, to make me realized that they’re not only ordinary person but can be an angel who can lead me, help me and support me in handling my problems. These are the angels who are willing to help without asking in return. Those angels are rare to find but luckily I found them. Hehehe. Thank you my angels.. wavyou!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Dark is the night I can weather the storm Never say die I've been down this road before I'll never quit I'll never lay down, See I promised myself that I'd never let me down
I'll never give up Never give in Never let a ray of doubt slip in And if I fall I'll never fail I'll just get up and try again Never lose hope Never lose faith There's much too much at stake Upon myself I must dependI'm not looking for place or show I'm gonna win
No stopping now There's still a ways to go, oh Someway, somehow Whatever it takes, I know I'll never quit, no no I'll never go down, mm, mm I'll make sure they remember my name A hundred years from now
When it's all said and done My once in a lifetime will be back again Now is the time To take a stand Here is my chance That's why I...Mmm, I'm gonna win..
I loved this song by Brian McKnight, because it says something within. It saying that there’s a hope in everything we do. Every time I’m down I used to listen this song and I started to feel good. It sounds good inside. It feels like there still hope and it encourage me to face all the problems I’ll encounter because no one can bring me down. Whatever happens I can still stand. In instance, in battle in life I should win.